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Calling all customers, DOCTORS & DENTISTS, PRACTITIONERS, during this 2nd and 3rd wave of COVID19, your business needs the assurance of clean safe environment for you, your staff AND your customers. Talk to Candice, ask us HOW.

Read about our amazing product, DR CLO.

We stock 3 ply masks, latex and nitrile medical gloves, sanitisers, air cleaning systems, disinfect your workspaces with our FDA registered Class 1 Hospital Sanitiser product, Dr Clo. Conveniently just crack the stick and hang it in a room, fridge, vehicle, bathroom. See link to full details here.

Have you heard of a luxury mask that lasts 2 years? German technology, material is impregnated with silver and titanium dioxide ions, kills corona and other bugs on contact. You cannot beat the comfort of knowing your mask is safe to put back on your face. Read more here.

Links to these amazing products coming soon.

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