Product : Sani-80

WHO Spec 80% ethanol hand-rub / Hand sanitizer

Shipped in Boxes of 4 x 5L Jerry Cans

Under contract, we can provide thousands of  Litres /month.

Our Sani-80 is an 80% ethanol ABV (v/v) based hand-rub product, manufactured in a secure ISO 9001 plant. It includes small amount of hydrogen peroxide which serves as anti spore agent as well as glycerine as humectant, a light moisturising agent.

Intertek lab tests certification meet WHO formula 1:
ethanol 80% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, H2O2 0.125% v/v

To refill hand-sanitiser bottles and store-entry foot-pump stations. 

We do not use IPA type alcohol as isopropyl is more dangerous with more serious health effects upon accidental ingestion or breathing fumes.

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We are a BBEEE level 4 company based near Cape Town.

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Sani-80 Hand Sanitiser